Make Tenants Feel at Home: Talk Sometime Over Lunch

Lunch talks in Singapore

It's not easy to approach tenants due to the fact their personalities aren't all the same, and they also vary as wide as the array of properties that you have. In the event as a result, the easiest method to approach them and educate tenants about certain business matters such as renewal of lease contract, modifications in occupancy, and contract extension, is best done in person, and by face-to-face, it has to be something casual and subtle. Let's drop business for some time because of it is very important for tenants to feel like they may be being serviced well. This will begin a deeper bond backward and forward parties, for most landlords don't even show, or rarely show themselves to their tenants.

Public Talks in Singapore
However, you cannot just call your tenant at some place random and inform them concerning the changes that will soon exist in your premises. In case you perform some radical changes about business, the best way to gauge the number of choices is when you really observe how they react. Allow it to be homey and surreptitiously professional by inviting them over to lunch.

As to the conversation, you cannot just jump into letting them know concerning the real business dealing. Although it is the objective to discuss it, you don't need to get into it through for this will defeat the goal of lunch and being casual along with what not. Start the talk to general questions related to family and health and work life instead. When you have this in place already, you are able to subtly take the actual purpose up by asking them how they're being serviced.